WALS - Green Solutions

The complex environment of the Energy industry leaves you with every right to require World Class Technology, Service & Reliability.  At WALS Energy we realize this very fact & have teamed up with Industry leaders to bring you Solutions that meet your modern demands. Along with our partners, we present to you green technology backed up by a professional team committed to addressing your business requirements for waste & water treatment.


WALS - Oilfield Services

Drilling, producing & servicing tough wells requires the experience of your seasoned and hardworking professionals. At WALS Energy we are committed to offer differentiated solutions that add value by optimizing your drilling operations. Bringing in cutting edge technology from world oilfield service pioneers, we optimize your Drilling/Workover Rig Services through innovative solutions designed to keep your operations within time and budget plans.  We are equipped to provide unique oilfield services equipment and chemicals to the local Omani industry with unparalleled excellence; to oilfield producing companies; as well as contractors.  By Leveraging the experience and expertise gained from our regional business throughout the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and other International markets we bring the know-how required to make your operations more competitive in a rapidly changing and fluctuating world energy market.



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